Wei Ren team at Shanghai University

研究方向 Research Interests:

  • Multiferroics, ferroelectrics, magnetic compounds, and nanostructures
  • Electronic transport in carbon nanotube, graphene, dna & semiconductors
  • Spin-electronics in mesoscopic systems and nano-magnetism
  • First-principles DFT computation of molecules & solid states

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副教授 Associate Professors:
吴伟 Wei Wu; 陈竞哲 Jingzhe Chen; 李永乐 Yongle Li; 王音 Yin Wang
博士后 Postdoc:
胡涛 Tao Hu
博士生 PhD:
吴亚北 Yabei Wu; 高恒 Heng Gao; 杨亚利 Yali Yang; Solomon Dibaba; 赵国栋 Guodong Zhao;
刘新根 Xingen Liu; 秦冠华 Guanhua Qin; 贾帆豪 Fanhao Jia; 陈琛 Chen Chen; 方乐 Le Fang;
硕士生 Master:
李立甍 Limeng Li; 王康莹 Kangying Wang; 刘畅 Chang Liu; 刘超 Chao Liu; 刘远 Yuan Liu;
许少文 Shaowen Xu; 王裔喆 Yizhe Wang; 崔亚宁 Yaning Cui; 乔磊 Lei Qiao; 田悦悦 Yueyue Tian;
杨后平 Houping Yang
本科生 Undergraduate:
陶咏雪 Yongxue Tao; 张家齐 Jiaqi Zhang; 陈姝 Shu Chen; 孙楷橦 Kaitong Sun;
联合培养 Joint Master:
刘强 Qiang Liu(上海工研院SITRI); 徐善轩 Shanxuan Xu; 尤莹 Ying You; 刘松生 Songsheng Liu;
马朋莎 Pengsha Ma; 万伟俊 Weijun Wan; 郑发明 Faming Zheng;
过往成员 Alumni:
史亚达 Yada Shi; Venkatesh Chandragiri (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research); 闫玉丽 Yuli Yan; 胡顺波 ShunBo Hu(上海大学Shanghai U);
戚雨婷Yuting Qi(意大利拉奎拉大学Laquila University Italy); 任日昶 Ricahng Ren(美国内华达大学UNLV); 庄宇 Yu Zhuang (美国Lehigh U);
赵士鹏 Shipeng Zhao(新淮高级中学Xinhuai high school); 吴炯瑶 Jiongyao Wu (德国PhD); Susanta Mohanta (印度BPUT Univ); Chenhao Wang;
Zhihua Gao; Bin Li; 张计划 Jihua Zhang(贵州师范Guizhou Normal College); Hongjian Zhao 赵宏健(卢森堡科技大学LIST);
Di Wang; Kangjun Zhao; Lele Li 李乐乐; 柳傲蕾Aolei Liu(上海鸿之微HZWtech Shanghai); 何化兵 HuaBing He; 王继伟 JiWei Wang(和辉光电);
邓昌凯 ChangKai Deng(中芯国际); 齐功民 GongMin Qi (华力微电子); 宋紫薇 Ziwei Song(上海华为)


College of Science: http://www.scicol.shu.edu.cn/

Department of Physics: http://www.physics.shu.edu.cn/

International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures: http://icqms.shu.edu.cn/

Materials Genome Institute of Shanghai University: http://www.mgi.shu.edu.cn/

发表论文, 截止日期2019/05/30. 总数:1-163
Count simply:
Science: 1; Physical Review Letters: 11; Advanced Materials: 2; Advanced Materials Interfaces: 1; Journal of the American Chemical Society: 1; Physical Review B: 34; 2D Materials: 2; Carbon: 3; Journal of Applied Physics: 11; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: 4; Scientific Reports: 9; Journal of Alloys and Compounds: 2; Rsc Advances: 4; Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters: 2; Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter: 6; Journal of Physical Chemistry C: 3; IUCrJ: 2; Chinese Physics Letters: 1;
Citations Annual citations
引用次数 Citations     Annual citations

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